Electrolux tumble dryer error codes

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Electrolux tumble dryer error codes

Tumble Dryer Spare Parts. If the problem does not re-occur, the alarm is memorized and the cycle continues. If the fault persists after several attempts to supply power about 35 min. Turns out 2 terminal pins on the motor have a connection to ground casing motor. There are seven pins. These pin are attached to a light green and a dark green wire. The light green goes into the casing, the other one to the coil on the right hand side.

The manual says to replace the motor if on any of the pins current is leaking. A few weeks ago our Electrolux Lavatherm dryer model stopped working and I have been trying to figure out what went wrong. After following your diagnostic video I got the machine to reveal the error code E. Besides the error code the follow is noteworthy.

Tumble Dryer fault code errors Aeg, Electrolux, Zanussi Etc

At the time when the machine stopped working there was a bit of a smell, like burning, possibly from the heater or the motor. Hi Paul, your site has been a life saver. Anyway, yesterday the red light came on — I did an error code test and it indicates E Now I am assuming that its the start capacitor, I was going to replace both just in case. I will be ordering some parts from you and definately buying yuou a beer once I stop getting a hard time for the knackered machine!

Hi Richard i would start with changing main start capacitor but will need full model number to locate part.

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How do you enter the diagnostic mode on this model to clear the error codes after replacing capacitors? Good information on E I will ask may be you have an idea — I have error code E54 on zanussi zte I replaced both running and starting capacitors — starting capacitor was 1.These error code explanations can help you diagnose a problem with your Electrolux IQ-Touch dryer.

For repair how-to help, visit the PartsDirect repair help section, which includes repair help for dryers, other major appliances, lawn and garden equipment, garage door openers, vacuum cleaners and more.

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Search for your model number to find a complete list of replacement parts for your dryer. Check for any metal or foreign objects stuck between the moisture sensor bars. If you find nothing stuck between the moisture sensor bars, unplug the dryer and check the moisture sensor wire harness for damage.

Replace the wire harness if damaged. If the wire harness is intact, replace the electronic control board. Clean the moisture sensor bars using rubbing alcohol.

A coating on the moisture sensor bars could be preventing them from detecting moisture. If the error code continues after cleaning the bars, unplug the dryer and check the moisture sensor wire harness connections.

Reconnect any loose wires or replace the wire harness if damaged. If the bars are clean and the wire harness is okay, replace the electronic control board.

Electrolux washer error codes

Unplug the dryer and check the door switch wire harness connections. Test the door switch operation using a multimeter. Replace the door switch if defective. If the door switch and wiring are okay, replace the electronic control board.

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Unplug the dryer and check the motor wire harness for damage. If the wire harness is okay, replace the electronic control board. Overloading can overheat the drive motor, causing a tripped thermal protector. Reduce the load and allow the motor to cool off for 30 minutes before restarting the dryer. If the dryer won't restart, remove the load from the dryer and see if the drum turns freely by hand.

If not, unplug the dryer and examine the drive system. Replace any damaged drive components. Check the motor wire harness. If the drive system and wire harness are okay, then you may need to replace the drive motor. The motor centrifugal switch is part of the drive motor assembly. Unplug the dryer and check the motor wire harness.Have you ever bought an Electrolux dryer? It will help you deal with the issue.

electrolux tumble dryer error codes

Make sure that the laundry does not catch between the appliance door and the rubber seal. Make sure that the water container is empty. Make sure electrical line is not overloaded and the dryer is on a separate circuit.

To return to the factory default settings, press and hold the temperature and dryness buttons at the same for 5 seconds. There are 2 house fuses in the dryer circuit. If 1 of the 2 fuses is blown, the drum may turn but the heater will not operate, electric models. Dryer does not have enough air supply to support the burner flame gas models.

LP gas supply tank is empty or there has been a utility interruption of natural gas gas models. Make sure all lint has been removed from the dryer lint filter before starting each cycle. Exhaust duct must be at least 4 inches in diameter and made of rigid or semi-rigid metal.

Always remove foreign objects from pockets before laundering. Remove objects from drum and restart dryer. Permanently attached items such as belt buckles, zippers and fasteners may be hitting the inside of the drum. It may be necessary to sew a scrap of material securely around ornaments before drying to prevent scratching and damage to the dryer.

Run motor on highest possible speed in service mode. Check input value for RPM speed. The real time clock is used by the control system for delayed start, measuring time, power failure, error codes, etc.

Upon power on, the communication with the internal real time clock in the control system is established. In case this fails, this error occurs. The error code is shown if the hardware initialization has failed to initialize within 15 seconds after power on. Press the control knob to confirm machine stop. Machine will revert to Idle mode. This is not an error code but is handled in the same way. Press the control knob to confirm emergency stop. This error is shown if the programmed water level is not reached within a certain time, typically 10 minutes.

electrolux tumble dryer error codes

Check for leaking drain valve by filling water to high level in service program. Check for leaking or clogged level sensor system by filling water to high level in service program and then actual level in inputs.

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Check for malfunction or block filler valve by activating input by input in service program. Long filling times can be caused by a leaking drain valve, blocked filler valve, defective filler valve, defective valve control board, clogged level sensor hose, leaking level system, etc. This error code can only occur during an on-going program. Check door lock functionality in service program, but activating door lock and then by checking inputs.Electrolux represents one of the trademarks of the concern that was established in the and gave the name to the transnational corporation.

It belongs to hundred biggest firms of the planet. Its impeccable quality exits for many decades and remains the main part of the success of the Electrolux production. Electrolux washer error codes are a part of its program of the quality maintenance. The system of Electrolux washer error codes allows accurately revealing malfunctions and doing repairs. Electrolux basic washers are reliable and efficient, while the newer models offer a number of advanced options, like Fast Wash, LuxCare, and Perfect Steam.

Open the water tap. Filter in screw connection of the inlet hose is blocked. Close the water tap. Unscrew the hose from the tap, remove the filter and clean under running water Water tap is blocked with limescale or is faulty Check the water tap and have it repaired if necessary. The fault code E20 error solution e20 appears. The washing is not sufficiently spun.

Water is left in the drum. Drain hose is kinked. Remove the kink. Maximum pump head discharge height 1m from the appliance's base is exceeded. Contact your local Service Force Centre. For pumping heights over 1m a conversion kit is available as a special accessory. Drain pump is blocked. Switch off the appliance and pull out the mains plug. Clean the drain pump The fault code E40 appears. Close the door correctly. Start the programme again.This error code indicates a problem with the wiring or heating element.

Also, it may occur due to a glitch or power surge. Unplug your dryer or shut off the home circuit breakerwait for about 5 minutes, plug it back in and run any of the cycles. If you see this error on the display, the auto-reset thermostate function is down.

This may occur due to a fault in the thermostate the heating elementwiring, or electronic board. If this does not happen again, the system will memorize the alarm and the cycle will not be interrupted. If the fault is there even after several attempts to restore power, the E62 error code will appear. If you see this error code on the display screen, there may be a wiring issue or the exhaust thermal limiter is tripped.

The latter is located on the outlet exhaust pipe. The thermal limiter could have tripped due to a clog or restriction in the exhaust air duct that leads outside your house. Check the vent duct. Failure to do that may cause the exhaust fuse to get blown repeatedly.

This one indicates that one or several buttons are stuck. It will instruct you how to check the buttons: you are going to use them to launch the test mode. This will help you find the bad button. Free it and test it again. If the code is still there, and there are no stuck buttons, the electronic control board needs to be repaired or replaced.

The E50 fault code signals a problem in the motor or software. In most cases, this can be solved by resetting. If the error is caused by a faulty motor or motor control board. Check the motor brushes, connections, wiring, and the motor capacitor. Replace faulty parts, if necessary.

If none of these parts is bad, check the motor control board.Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Service Manual. Table of Contents. Page 4 Contents Page 5: Safety Precautions Safety Precautions 1 Safety Precautions The machine is not intended for use by persons including children with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the machine. In order to prevent damage to the electronics and other parts that may occur as the result of condensation, the machine should be placed in room temperature for 24 hours before being used for the first time.

Page 7: Technical Data Technical data 2 Technical data 2. Page 8: Technical Data Technical data 2. Rated capacity, filling factor Max. Page Function Check Function check 4 Function check May only be carried out by qualified personnel. A function check must be made when the installation is finished and before the machine can be ready to be used. Ready to use If all tests are OK the machine is now ready to be used. One is placed at the back of the machine and one is placed on the bottom of the machine on the heating element.

Press the reset button A on the overheating thermostat. Page 14 Sensors and overheating thermostats Replacement of overheating thermostat T Disconnect the power to the machine.

electrolux tumble dryer error codes

Demount the casing over the rear panel. Demount the cover panel over the overheating thermostat. Disconnect the overheating thermostat and remove it. Connect the new overheating thermostat. Page 15 Sensors and overheating thermostats Replacement of overheating thermostat TC Disconnect the power to the machine.

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Demount the casing over the rear panel and the plastic cover. Disconnect the air channel panel. It is recommended to replace the complete heating element cover with the overheating thermostat fig. Disconnect the heating sensor and remove it.

Connect the new heating sensor and put it in position. Make sure the sensor gets all the way down. T TC fig. Page Outlet Air Sensors and overheating thermostats 5. The overheating thermostat ensures that the machine does not overheat during program operation. Open the door and demount the door switch.

Replacement of overheating thermostat Disconnect the power to the machine. Demount the rear panel. Page 19 Sensors and overheating thermostats Replacement of overheating thermostat — TC Disconnect the power to the machine. The heating sensor measures the temperature in the outlet air and the signal is returned to the PCB. The PCB turns the heating unit off when the outlet air thermistor indicates that the required temperature has been reached. Page Door Door 6 Door 6.

If the machine does not stop when the door is opened or if the door is closed and the error code DOOR IS OPEN is displayed and the machine is unable to startfor example, the door switch needs to be replaced. Page 22 Door Replacement of door magnets Remove the magnet to be replaced and mount the new one.Also see our video on how a Tumble dryer works. Tumble dryer spare parts. Cycle interrupted. If the problem does not re-occur, the alarm is memorized and the cycle continues.

If the fault persists after several attempts to supply power about 35 min. If, after several attempts to restore power, the fault persists, alarm E62 is generated. Electronic board faulty. If a stable power supply is restored before the time-out has elapsed, the cycle resumes. CRM board faulty. Error code E What this mean?

Thank you, Manuela. Best gerards Stijn. I have a Zanussi zdcw pnc: 7 which appears to have the TC6 panel but in white. Hi, I have aeg and it gives error e32 any ideas.

It works but the drying pump does not start. If you have a question about a fault on an appliance please use the contact form instead. Questions on faults in the comments will not be answered.

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Hi, my dryer is Tc3 facial panel and working only 1 Minute help me Thanks. How to use the diagnostic mode for fault code errors. Possible fault Wiring faulty; Electronic board faulty.

E32 Conductimetric sensor signal frequency too low. E45 Door closure sensor. E51 Motor power triac short-circuited. E52 Intervention of motor overheating safety cut-out. E53 Motor triac "sensing" circuit faulty.


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