Reflective essay for volunteering

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Reflective essay for volunteering

Free essays, essay examples, sample essays and essay writing tips for students. High school essays, college essays and university essays on any topics. Saturday, April 17, Reflective Essay on Volunteering. Volunteering has changed my life forever. I have often heard people talk about the benefits of volunteering, of it being a way to reach out and touch the lives of others in a positive way. I started volunteering in my last year of high school so that I would have something to add to my university applications.

At first, I would just be a helping hand in local community events, such as bake sales and food drives. But then, I was asked to help organize an after-school program for children. This changed my life forever. Everyday after school, children from the local community would arrive at the mosque where volunteers like myself would plan activities for them until they were ready to be picked up by their parents.

For the most part these children came from low-income families, whose parents could not afford expensive day care facilities. We would help the children with their homework, take them to the park, and organize various games for them.

The kids responded well to the program, and slowly I started to develop a bond with them. The more I worked with them, the more I realized how much I loved them.

Why I Want To Volunteer At Hospital (Essay Sample)

Many of these kids did not have the luxury of taking swimming, soccer or karate lessons like other children their age; and because I knew that myself and another volunteer were fully accredited lifeguards, while two other volunteers played on their university soccer teams, I initiated a plan.

I would teach the kids how to swim, while the others would help them form a mini soccer league. But little did I know that while I was teaching these kids how to swim, they would also be teaching me things. Every time a child was scared to get into the water, they taught me patience. Every time, a child got scared and held on to me, it taught me that they depended on me, that I was important in their life, and every time they accomplished a task with success it gave me a sense of accomplishment.

But most importantly, they taught me to give. Volunteering my time to teach swimming lessons was the best thing I have ever done in my life. You can order a custom essay on Volunteering now! Posted by Webmaster at PM. Labels: example essays on volunteeringfree essay on volunteeringsample essay on volunteeringvolunteeringvolunteering essay. Newer Post Older Post Home. Hot Essays. Search This Blog.Volunteering is one of the noblest activities of our time. Volunteering is characterized with the free contribution into the development of the human society.

When one cares about the natural environment and the people who are in need, he decides to devote his life, time and efforts to the improvement of the current situation. I have read an article of a famous sociologist about the roots of volunteering. He claims that there are at least two kinds of volunteers. The first class consists of the people who really want to change their environment. The second group is represented by the young people and graduate students who have to get involved into volunteering in order to receive a good job in future.

Consequently, volunteering is a controversial issue.

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According to the author, the real volunteers possess their definite type of psychology. Not everyone can become a good volunteer and work for the good of people, animals and plants with an open heart. In my opinion, it is right to say that very few people are altruists. Such people can become good volunteers and their help cannot be exaggerated. They do not suffer from the lack of motivation when they decide to collect litter or help homeless animals in a shelter. Ecological volunteering is extremely important for the quality of the natural environment.

These active people clean coastal areas, parks, woods and streets. They help homeless and wild animals in case of a natural disaster. There are also many volunteers who decide to improve the life of other people.

To my mind, this action is very noble, because smart people decide to move to the countries of the third world to help others. They sacrifice their time and energy to teach and cure people. I guess that such volunteers are very strong and courageous, because they work for the improvement of the human society. Of course, one can do the same good things staying at his home country. Volunteers can help people at nursing homes and orphanages. It does not worth mentioning that children and elderly people require additional attention, especially when they do not have their own families.

Volunteering changes the human mind. When you see the problems of other people, you become wise and sympathetic.

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This activity changes your worldview, material and spiritual values. You get to know about the structure of our society and its inequality. Moreover, you learn about the problems and challenges, which affect the life of the majority of people. At the same time, you broaden your horizons when you travel around your home country and visit other countries in different parts of Earth.

Volunteering helps one see new picturesque places and exotic animals and plants. When you work for a small firm as a volunteer abroad, you have a brilliant chance to learn something new about the culture and traditions of this country.

You can get to know about the lifestyle and values of the local people. This knowledge is priceless, because you will not read about trivial things in a book. It is better to see and experience everything yourself. Volunteering helps you develop your communication skills and improve your language competence.Additionally, stated by Rodriguez and Casas reflective is a vital tool in professional development and in practice-based professional learning situations. Thus, this essay will include the following aspects a definition of both experiential learning and reflection with several theories b personal expectations from the volunteering experience with links to human capital theory and motivational theory.

E Bristol. From as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a teacher, setting up mock classrooms and playing with my younger sibling and cousins. When I was 14, I started volunteering for a Dorchester youth project which aimed to help improve facilities for young people in the area.

This consisted. I saw how hospital staff worked tirelessly to bring joy and care to patients; each with a unique set of experiences and stories that they shared with me while I volunteered. Even though I had a strong desire to be part of the medical field, my grades in college prevented me from thinking I could have a successful. Selecting to do my service learning at Harvest Hope Food Bank was a very impactful experience. This was so, because of the fact that I have never volunteered at a food bank until now.

The organization was able to connect me with the required skills I will practice throughout my career as a professional social worker, therefore better preparing me for assisting clients who may be dependent on my services. My goal in hopes of entering Gallaudet University is to be fully immersed in the Deaf culture, an experience that can be taken out into the real world. Putting myself in an environment where the majority of professors, faculty and students who are fluent signers will benefit me with profound impact.

Moreover broaden my receptive and expressive signing skills, and help shape my adaptive abilities. What I hope to gain is not just a degree. My best teaching and learning experience occurred about 22 years ago while I was on a tour at the University of Southern Mississippi campus. I did not have a lot of teaching experience and worked as an Administrative Specialist to the Colonel of the Unit, Lieutenant Colonel and Sergeant.

A Day at Cyclovia: Reflection We had been preparing for this event for just about two weeks, to make sure we were all prepped and ready to participate and experience this event for the first time. Before attending the event, we all chose volunteer shifts and intersections. I choose to volunteer during the morning shift, which took place from am to pm and the intersection of 12th Avenue and 44th Street. Throughout this course we had been discussing public transportation and the issues.

Reflection Paper Cornelia C. Welch-Dick University of Southern Mississippi Reflection Paper After a summer internship at a news station that was in direct correlation with my declared undergraduate major, I am anxious to begin focusing my work and study toward higher education student affairs.

My experience this summer forced me to do some self-evaluation and assessment as far as my strengths, weaknesses, and what kind of environment I envision myself thriving in. My vision for my. My experience was one I will look back on when I am older. I am a first generation college student and was blessed to have a program similar to AVID at my high school. With this opportunity I would be able to help students who are in similar shoes as I was at their age.

Two questions I have for the program are do they offer students opportunities over school breaks to continue their education and why. A reflection of my volunteering experience can be summarized in two words: Life-changing. It is hard to explain the feelings that occur when you involve yourself in selfless acts for your community, such as volunteering. There is a feeling in your heart that you cannot ignore, maybe it is the happiness you feel or the overflow of emotions in helping others.

In other words, it is a feeling in which you want to share with others.

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Maybe with a friend, maybe a classmate, maybe a family member, or maybe even a stranger. Either way, spreading how life-changing volunteering can be is a great start to making a positive change in your community by simply by involving others.

At least that is what a few of my close friends tell me and that was some-what my thinking about volunteering. At first, I contacted a horse ranch that worked with kids with disabilities, later to find they had closed down a year or so ago. At that point, I thought I might have to give up. I needed this volunteer experience, I knew it would change me.A little over a third of High School seniors volunteer at least once a month.

Among all the Tenth. Benefits of volunteering 19 October Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community. But did you know that it can have many benefits for you too? Learn as if you were to live forever.

Volunteering is offering to do something without being forced to. Volunteering can have lasting effects on not only those who get help, but it can also help the individual volunteering. For some organizations, volunteering is the only way that they are able to continue. By offering time to help volunteers are often helping maintain lives because they are helping others who can not help themselves. Volunteering effects many individuals, no matter how important the work may seem.

Volunteering can help not only the person receiving the service, but also the individual doing the volunteering, three benefits a person can gain from volunteering are; attaining leadership skills, earning an academic credit, or to build a resume.

Reflection Paper on Volunteering

Volunteering can be done in some many ways; from helping the elderly, to starting a club that gives back to the community. Volunteering does not give a person materialistic rewards, such as money, but it can give someone knowledge and time spent with people.

I gave examples of what opportunities were available and how to find information on how to become a volunteer. I choose to use google as my research criterion and found a very resourceful website with the information I needed. As you read my paper you will find information about being a volunteer, what benefits it has, and what opportunities. Volunteering has been something that I truly have enjoyed doing in the past few years. I began volunteering when I was in highschool, mostly because we had to meet a certain amount of community service hours in order to be able to graduate.

In highschool I was also involved in many clubs and sports which required for us to do fundraisers and other volunteer work.

reflective essay for volunteering

For example,I was a member of the National Honor Society where we did a lot of volunteer work in our community. I have been able to volunteer. Volunteering for the Salvation Army When the f-5 tornado decimated the town of Smithville on April 27,a whopping 15 people were killed, 40 people injured, 18 homes destroyed, and two businesses were annihilated. With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer, however the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you and your community.

A person who volunteers benefits themselves because they get to see how their contribution has made a difference. This experience contributes to personal development. The selfless act of volunteering provides a spiritual enhancement as well. If people never help each other and only care about themselves, the world becomes. In my ten hours volunteering time in this organization I took part in the supervision of children and helped in the supervision as they do their homework, helped the children with their homework, taking care of the children when the need arises and helped the other workers when need to.

In my voluntary activity, I learned firsthand that children have the ability to learn very first. I also observed that volunteering helps people to be able to help others who are in.Hospitals provide a very important service to any community.

They help our friends, relatives, neighbors and ourselves regain our health. However, in most cases these facilities have huge challenges that impede them from executing their duties perfectly. Understaffing and underfinancing have been a thorn in the flesh for the management of these facilities.

At times, I have been asking myself how I can help. Personally, I do not wish to be a medical professional but I have passion to help other people especially those hailing from different diseases.

I therefore think am best suited to serve as a volunteer in these facilities. Since hospitals are underfunded, they trade off some important activities within its management to efficiently allocate their resources to the most critical functions. However, these overlooked functions play a critical role in provision of excellent service to patients and the community at large.

My decision to help in a hospital is not solely a community service endeavor, but partly to gain practical experience in my professional field. Am not a health professional but a hospital would be a perfect place to serve as an information scientist seeking to restructure their antique record keeping practices and aligning them with the strategic goals of the facility.

My volunteer service would be best in the records keeping department. This way, I get to avoid encountering patients and professional medical practitioners in the wards and theatre rooms which I hate. I will also be offering my help in the critical department of record keeping which requires short apprenticeship to master. This department is also overlooked in funding thus it reduces the efficiency of record keeping and access. Thus, this is a very important department and often the records are poorly stored or indexed for access due to poor staffing and low budgets.

Why it is important for kids to volunteer - Kofoworola Jolaoso - [email protected]

However, I will help the professionals and patients store and fetch their medical records more efficiently to aid their treatment.

Secondly, the records keeping department can help me come up with a flexible schedule of visit that can be integrated in my daily schedule effortlessly. Since this department is a supportive branch of the hospital, the management agreed to very flexible working hours that are in line with my daily schedule.

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I visit the hospital when I do not have classes to dust the shelves and help rearrange the files more efficiently for easier access. Recently, the hospital agreed to my project to develop an application that can help manage the records digitally and help deploy and train the people in that department. Therefore, I continually collect data that is crucial to ensuring a robust system that is consistent to medical storage and access regulation to help migrate the hospital record department to the 21st century.

I also get to apply the skill I learnt in class on software development and digital migration. My main aim in this hospital is to leave an indelible positive mark whilst am a student. Upon completion of my project, I will have given back to the society while helping streamline operations of one of our most important facility in the community. Though a hospital is not the best candidate to stretch my professional muscle, it is a perfect place to give a hand and help my community.

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reflective essay for volunteering

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reflective essay for volunteering

We need you to be detailed. Get Custom Essay from:. Free essay sample on the given topic "Advantages Of Studying Locally".I have had three avenues through which I volunteered: as a conservationist, as a meditation teacher, and as a musician.

All three have been enriching and valuable in the development of my career, lifestyle, and personality. I think discussing each experience will help others understand the value of volunteering, especially in our modern age.

It was for commemorating a new trail in the Pacific Northwest, and efforts to restore the surrounding forest after clear cutting had devastated the area. Besides marching, we planted trees and learned about environmental conservation.

The new trail, called the Mountains to Sound Greenway, was over 20 miles. I decided to walk and run the whole way in one day. There were horse buggies for those who wanted to take a break. My brother, myself, and one other person were the only three people to walk the whole new trail in one day out of maybe people. I had to push myself to my limits of physical strength and endurance, but the feeling after achieving it was unique. I felt that after this trek, I could walk anywhere, no matter how far.

I also discovered I had reserves of strength within me that I did not know about. At one point, fueled by adrenaline, I was even keeping pace with the trotting horses.

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This experience showed a different side of myself: determined and goal-oriented. It also further inculcated a love for nature that had been developing since my early childhood. Turning to the topic of being a volunteer meditation teacher, I have been teaching meditation for free for over 10 years. I was commonly shy in front of an audience and looked for ways to avoid doing presentations. Through teaching meditation classes as a volunteer, I learned the art of presenting myself and giving speeches.

In addition, I learned how to remain personable yet respectable in front of an audience. So, being a teacher has boosted my confidence and my presentation skills. I also gained a lot of joy from teaching and seeing others grow in their peace.

Through this, I learned the satisfaction one can garner from teaching.For 8 weeks, I helped in the classroom and met 25 beautiful children. Each child was unique in their own individual way. The Head Start Program was predominately White, however, that did not change the way they interacted with one another. My time with Head Start Program was special, enjoyable, and very memorable. Being able to volunteer at the Head Start Program again would be great opportunity that I would love….

I did not have the time to embark on this class, yet it was required. Reluctantly I jumped in and discovered I not only had the time, but also hidden inside was a heart that over time had been hardened. This essay will examine how my course of study assisted me in my volunteer experience, consider how my experience at Grand Canyon University GCU has influenced and changed me personally, professionally, and spiritually….

Volunteer Plan Reflection Essay. Consequently, inviting parents and other family members to volunteers in the classroom supports the youngster to notice the connection among school and home. It also offers families the prospect to see what occurs during a preschool day and may assist them to acquire new ways to guide and teach their young ones.

Moreover, it allows parents to learn about resources in the community and take advantage of them. This organization provides goods more than relief agencies throughout the southeastern area of Texas. With the assistance of the expanding markets tax credit program, the Houston food bank facilities has become the largest feeding American Food Bank.

Their stated mission is to change the current standard that one in four kids, and one in five neighborhoods are now facing hunger.

Therefore, their goals currently…. Because of this fact, there is a desperate need for shelter and volunteers to serve at these shelters. There are only 1, emergency beds, which is not enough to accommodate all of the homeless, and there is an even smaller number of workers willing to volunteer.

The Homeless Center offers beds and meals to the homeless, working poor, and unemployed. There is a need to do service learning at this location because volunteers are needed to serve as greeters, serve meals, conduct daily prayer time…. Currently a small number of volunteers are functioning as the surgical liaison for patients and families throughout the surgical care process. The liaison is responsible for facilitating communication to patients, families, nursing staff and surgeons. The task of being a liaison for patients in the perioperative setting can be daunting with many demands that present a variety of challenges.

While these volunteers do not provide medical information, they are expected to…. The bands are lightweight and contain a 9-digit number that is unique to North America. They are placed around the leg of the bird. Banding owls is an incredible experience that is conducted to keep an eye on owl populations. In addition, repetitive banding efforts allow owl populations to be compared Grigg Conservation biologists can look-up currently banded owls and find information about where and when it….

Conservation biologists can seek-out information on currently banded owls about where and when it was…. I have decided to conduct this research among environmental volunteers as I believe that they constitute an interesting group to study on this topic. It would be a relatively safe assumption to say that environmental volunteers have a high level of concern for the natural environment, but how this concern is formulated and what ideas and perceptions it is based on may not be so obvious, and….

This essay is a reflection on my anticipated health care practice. It was required that I choose a group that was effected by the diversity of ethnicities, religions, genders, sexualities and abilities in the Australian population. I chose to do a mental disability, which was dementia. Four components will be addressed into this essay; the barriers to health care access and good care, my attitude, values and beliefs towards those with dementia, culturally safe health care practices that I might undertake….

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